Chapter 1 Infrastructure

1.1 R

Recommended: don’t install R via Homebrew. If you insist on using Homebrew, do not use

1.2 RStudio

1.2.1 The RStudio IDE

You can use only R, but using RStudio can save you a lot of headache and a lot of time! Best analogy ever:

1.2.2 RStudio Projects


1.3 GitHub

1.3.1 GitHub for you

Why educators should use version control, high-level thoughts

1.3.2 GitHub for them

Whether or not you need your students to learn GitHub is a very personal decision. While we strongly believe that educators should use GitHub behind the scenes, whether you should also put GitHub center stage for your learners requires some additional considerations, like:

  • Do your learners need to learn and use GitHub? Are they going to be served well if you choose to include it?

  • Do you have the time and resources to teach GitHub? Sometimes this decision can come down to how long your learners will be with you.

Resources for integrating GitHub for learners; not our primary focus here, outsource to:

Make sure to mention Mine’s ghclass package

Happy Git with R for yourself and your students

GitHub Classroom is also a good option to consider

1.4 Communication platform

Options: Slack (recommended for longer term teaching, like courses), gitter (recommended for workshops)